воскресенье, 8 ноября 2020 г.

KTRV will present new developments at the IMTF "Army-2020"

TSAMTO, August 20. The Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (KTRV) will take an active part in the Army-2020 IMTF. The Corporation delegation will be headed by General Director Boris Obnosov.
During the forum, a demonstration center of the Corporation will operate, where samples of military products developed by the head enterprise KTRV, GosMKB "Raduga", GosMKB "Vympel", GNPP "Region", MIC "NPO Mashinostroyenia", Concern "MPO - Gidropribor" , Concern "Granit-Electron".
The historical part of the exposition will display tactical cruise missiles and missile systems created in different years at the enterprises that are now part of the Corporation, as well as unique samples of naval underwater weapons.
In a separate area of ​​the demonstration center, a wide range of civilian and dual-use products will be presented, manufactured using the latest technologies and unique materials. These are innovative products for the space industry, aviation, shipping, railway and motor transport, medicine, fuel and energy, metallurgical and chemical industries, housing and communal services. At the stands it will be possible, in particular, to see the Kondor-E spacecraft, various modifications of radio altimeters, devices and parts for the PD-14 aircraft engine and the MC-21 aircraft, a simulator for parachutists, equipment and installations for ships and navigation, medical devices and stands, samples of unique endoprostheses, high-strength tools, batteries and composite materials, casting products of the 9th accuracy class.
During the forum, a rich business program is planned, product presentations using modern multimedia technologies.

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