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Russian "Admiral Gorshkov" with "Zircons" predicted sinking

In the context of a military conflict, the Russian Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov frigate with the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile (CR) will not be able to approach the American aircraft carrier strike group (AUG) sufficiently far and will be sunk, the Military Industrial Courier writes.

The newspaper claims that the warhead of a missile weighing 300-400 kilograms is enough to destroy an aircraft carrier, but this will not happen with a maximum weapon range of 600 kilometers. According to the publication, "Admiral Gorshkov", currently serving as the only carrier of "Zircon", on the way to the American aircraft carrier will be detected by an E-2 Hawkeye carrier-based early warning radar aircraft and destroyed by AUG aircraft.
“Actually, the planes will not even have to take off, because part of the aircraft wing carries out constant patrolling flights. They will sink the Project 22350 frigate before it comes close to the aircraft carrier, ”the newspaper writes.
The publication notes that the task of destroying an aircraft carrier can be solved by "transferring" a hypersonic missile to an attack nuclear submarine. “And this is a completely different matter. The depth of the AUG anti-submarine defense is about 400 kilometers. This is quite enough to avoid torpedo attacks, because the torpedo range is much shorter, ”the newspaper writes.
In February, TASS, referring to two sources in the power structures of the Northwestern Federal District,  reported that in January a promising hypersonic Zircon missile was launched from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate of Project 22350 for the first time. The test launch was carried out from the Barents Sea against a ground target at one of the military training grounds in the Northern Urals in accordance with the state test program. The missile's flight range exceeded 500 kilometers. After the completion of tests on the "Admiral Gorshkov", the rocket launches are planned to be carried out from nuclear submarines.

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